Coffee Days

This week while seeking inspiration for a #blog post I decided to venture to a #coffee shop. Instead of buying a coffee and heading straight out the door, which is my usual move, I decided to order a drink to stay in.

Though there were many free tables, my choice was narrowed to the tables that had actually been cleared. The noise of my chair scraping on the floor as I pulled it back drew the attention from a couple sitting on the next table. I gave them half a smile as to say “sorry about that,” yet once our eyes met they immediately looked down to their newspapers.

As I looked about the coffee shop I noticed all the people there:

There were two young mothers who had so much to talk about that not only were their drinks finished, the cups had been moved to another table to make more room for their baby items. There was also a young couple that both sat playing with their #phones and seemed happy enough.

The man in the suit with his #football scarf found time to sit with his drink (in a take away cup) and opened up his #laptop to tinker for a while before shutting the lid somewhat aggressively and moving quickly towards the door. The staff members taking time between customers to laugh and joke were too busy establishing their “friendship” to clear the tables.

Next time I am bookless and with some time to spare, I will continue my newfound #hobby, and in a ‘non-weird’ way, continue to observe the people around me.


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