What’s on This Month

The month of February ushers in many new opportunities for you to experiment in various fun activities.

​One way to relish nature is by visiting #Kew Gardens. From the 8th of February till the 8th of March, the Kew Orchid Festival returns for its 25th year and celebrates the diverse wildlife and vibrant culture of Indonesia. Not only will you get to see a spectacular variety of orchids, but visitors will find themselves transported into an exotic paradise that captures the sights, smells and sounds of the country, and includes displays of life-sized orangutans, tigers and rhinoceros decorated in flowers. What is your favourite flower?

Permian Monsters: Life Before the #Dinosaurs is an exhibition taking place at the #Horniman Museum and explores what life was like before dinosaurs arrived on earth. Before these towering creatures, life on earth was dominated by fearsome sabre-toothed predators, giant insects and strange reptiles with mammal-like characteristics. The Permian age ended with mass extinction caused by global warming and it would be millions of years before our planet’s next great rulers arrived – the dinosaurs.

The exhibition commences on the 15th of February and will allow visitors to see fossil skeletons as well as full size models and animatronics that bring the Permian back to life, and as an added bonus you will be able to tap into your inner palaeontologist and work on fossil digs in interactive pits throughout the #exhibition.

​What are some challenges you think the next generation will face?


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