Noizio, an App That Will Help You Concentrate

Our concentration is constantly affected by all the noise surrounding us; we try to block it out and focus on the task at hand, but a little help with this would be extremely useful!

For some people, being on a beach listening to the sea would incite a productivity boost, and for others listening to birds chirping or being in a #coffee shop would be much better than sitting in an office all day with phones ringing, photocopies being made or colleagues conversing loudly...

Noizio is an #OSX app that tries to help those that need soothing sounds to be more creative and productive. Through various sliding bars, we can choose the sounds we want (from a coffee shop type of environment to the beautiful sounds that only nature can offer) and our headphones will carry us to our perfect work #environment!

The creators of the app also point out that it can be useful at home to help us #relax or fall asleep, as we choose the right sounds for each moment of the day. The best news of all is that this app is #free!

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