Rodent Wars

What are you scared of?

Last night as I was putting my son to bed, he commented that there was something scary outside. I assured him there was absolutely nothing to be scared of and I opened the window to show him all was well.

So today taking my own advice I decided it was time to remove a rodent which had been residing in the garage. The rustling I heard as I turned on the light one evening was not the wind or boxes settling, it sounded like a 4ft rat with razor sharp teeth! I really dislike rodents and sadly my online plea for help somewhat showed I am not the only one.

With my trousers tucked into my socks and my belt looped through my jeans and tied uncomfortably tight over my tucked in sweatshirt, I put on my #gardening gloves and set out to find what had been keeping me out of the garage for a while.

After moving some boxes and items around with the end of a broom I found what appeared to be a nest with: chicken bones, sweetcorn cobs and poo! No rodent was found on this occasion, which leads me to think it either saw or heard me coming and decided to hide behind something else; or I won and have claimed back my land from the enemy.

Maybe it is too soon to go on a show similar to #‘I'm a Celebrity,’ or even walk in #Bear Grylls shoes, but I am very happy that I managed to get back into the garage and clean it up a little.

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