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With 325 million copies sold across the whole #Grand Theft Auto franchise since 1997 and a projected £1 Billion turnover in sales just for GTA 5, #computer games have arguably overtaken the #film industry as the top form of #entertainment.

It has certainly had a lot of #press about the release 'buzz'; on the day of GTA 5 release in London a man was hit over the head with a brick and stabbed before being mugged for his GTA 5, coincidental? In New York City three men tried to pose as police officers to be first in line for their copies at a shopping mall.

And so, the old crusade linking computer games to violence has been resurrected. But the same connection has been tirelessly stretched for films and music too ever since Mary Whitehouse's 'clean up TV' campaign in the 60's.

If she thought TV was 'offensive' back then what would she make of GTA 5 I wonder? Ok, I understand that some news/media companies love to dot the dot with circumstances and situations. News media make tenuous links enough to make a story to sell papers of course; its big headlines that count. Was the GTA 5 mugging just co-incidental it? Who knows, but I'm glad I've got my copy! Happy #gaming.

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