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What do Astronauts Eat in Space?

Do you ever wonder about what type of food astronauts eat in space? Do they have a McDrive-in near the #moon or something? No, they haven't (at least not yet).

Every meal sent to the International Space Station is pre-cooked. Most #American #astronauts have their pre-cooked meals inside sealed bags, while the Russians prefer the #traditional can to store their food.

Astronauts need a balanced diet but the resupply of meals isn't an easy task (yes, it does involve additional rockets and space crafts), and fresh #ingredients are hard to produce; although there has been some experiments with "space lettuce", which apparently everyone enjoyed as it "tasted good".

Fortunately, there have been a lot of developments since Astronaut John Glenn had only mashed apples to eat in 1962. Last year for instance, they had smoked turkey, corn and potatoes au gratin for #Thanksgiving!

Besides the acrobatic training to 'catch' and eat their food in zero #gravity, there is another issue - flavour. Most astronauts agree that for some reason the food still doesn't taste the same in outer space as it does back home, and their 'technological' solution is a simple one… they add spicy sauce.

These everyday issues make their work much more difficult that anyone could realise, but certainly more #rewarding and heroic when they do one (more) giant leap for mankind.

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