Robots will save the world... Or destroy it!

Several manufacturing plants in China have the ability to produce millions of #products every day using just a handful of human employees. According to Chadwick Xu of the Shenzhen Valley Ventures (a company specializing in investment and engineering) which supports hardware and development start-ups. As he is based in Shenzhen, China, one of the most industrialised cities in the world, Mr. Xu has first-hand experience in the rapidly developing field of industrial robotics and has witnessed the phenomenal growth in the use of robotic technology in Shenzhen's factories. They produce anything from fashion accessories to raw materials which are then sold all over the globe.

"We are living in a significant moment in the #history of mankind" (Mr. Xu) Whether it will have a positive or negative impact will depend on the corporate social awareness and the level of government regulation. One shouldn't forget that the investment in automation and AI is only affordable for big companies based in the most industrialised countries. Despite the #economic benefits that this could have as artificial intelligence is developed to a greater extent in the tech labs of these higher income countries, solutions will have to be implemented to compensate for the fallout of human employment opportunities.

These same countries will be the ones to suffer the worse of the #social and moral consequences of replacing a human with a #robot.

Using an increasingly cunning AI, management jobs which are done today through the work of qualified humans will soon be done by robots. The algorithms will predict the immediate future in just a few seconds. Ask yourself, would a human manager have the foresight to do the same?

What will our future hold? It will certainly be different toour reality today. Technology has reached a threshold which is reminiscent of the dawn of the industrial revolution. Mr. Xu was correct to point out that this is a crucial moment in our history. It is through difficult times that humanity and civilisation progress and I believe that these developments are to be expected and with the right control will inevitably bring good things.

Progress cannot be stopped. Solutions to unemployment must be studied and implemented. But fearing robots or trying to stop their implementation is unreasonable and unrealistic. Humans will work side by side with robots, and together will create a better future for us all and for the generations to come!

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