Happy New Year

With the #Christmas lights removed and folded away, the #decorations back in their box we disassembled the tree and found room back in the storage cupboard for it all. Strangely our living room was looking somewhat empty.

We ran the hoover around to pick up the last of the tree remains and took a look at the tidy room. We spent ages before Christmas moving furniture around to accolade the #festive decorations but all that stuff now has a new home.

We decided to take the opportunity before the space got filled with something else and went #shopping for a new chair. Since we were married we have always purchased #furniture at the lower price range or received it second-hand because we have moved #countries a few times, so buying a new chair was a big deal, for me especially.

Sadly our shopping was not proving too successful to start, but then by pure chance we received a January sale email from an online store and there it was, item 3 on the list- a #leather reclining chair (with #massage function built in) and 80% off!!

We ordered it and yesterday it arrived, I spent the evening #relaxing in my chair and some things in life are worth waiting for indeed!


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