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Discovering the Best Christmassy Cities in Europe

#Christmas is celebrated by millions across the world, but for many it is Europe that represents the ultimate in Christmas settings. The continent, with its time-old traditions, winter weather and festive celebrations, offers an array to be enjoyed by any lover of Christmas or simply of the winter period at large. Below are some of the top #cities for enjoying the #seasonal fun.

Vienna, Austria

Austria’s capital is unequalled when it comes to delivering Christmas festivities with elegance and grace. Understated but simultaneously awe-inspiring, the intricate architecture of the city is transformed by twinkling lights into a #magical winter wonderland, with markets, concerts and ice-skating all a part of the charm.

Nuremberg, Germany

Already a picturesque medieval town, at Christmastime Nuremberg comes to life with Christkindlesmarkt, one of Germany’s oldest and most magnificent markets. Stalls brim with toys, crafts, foods and more line the streets in and around the Main Market Square and there really is no better spot to visit for seasonal shopping.

Rovaniemi, Lapland

The home of Santa Claus could not go without mention and even if this were not the case the spot still merits attention for being perhaps the most Christmassy place on Earth. Alongside the Santa Claus Village and multiple #festive museums, the #reindeer prancing in the pink hued snow of the early morning sunshine makes Rovaniemi not just festive but truly magical.

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