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Life is full of pursuits: the pursuit of love, happiness, money and career keep us busy throughout decades. We never stop; we feel impelled to achieve various goals and when we accomplish one we are already thinking of another! Stress is 'killing' us bit by bit each day and we don't seem to care (or are too busy to notice it)...

Running is the way most people live today - we run to be on time; we run to make our appointments possible; we run through the meals and then we run some more to lose weight (the connection of these two are so obvious!); but when we find ourselves in the end of the race, we wonder why we have run so much and took so little advantage of those precious moments life had given us from time to time...

#SteveJobs once said that remembering that he would be dead soon helped him making the big choices in life; and that in the face of death one can see what is truly important.

That is why I feel it is so important for us to stop for a moment and wonder if we are on the right track, doing what really fulfil us and makes us happy. I guess the majority of us don't have that #luxury, or it may seem impossible at the moment. But thinking about this gives us a certain perspective of our life, one we must do to understand where we are, where we want to go, and above everything else who is walking alongside us.

We need 'thanks giving' in our lives. Not just once per year but monthly moments where we stop our hectic schedule and dedicate the time to those that really matter - our family. To give thanks for everything we have achieved in life, the company and support of our loved ones around us, and to finally realise that more important than what we think we want is what we already have but fail to notice.


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