Nordic Noir

What is it that has led to the growth in #Scandinavian crime and political dramas for UK audiences?

It probably began with the cult following of the Wallander detective series that was first aired on BBC2 with Swedish subtitles. The dramas were based on the books of the Swedish author Henning Mankell. It is set largely around Ystad and Malmo in southern Sweden and is very different to anything produced by the UK or USA TV companies. The settings, the #atmospheric conditions created by the haunting music and the well-developed characterization and plots are vastly superior to much of the normal programmes of this genre shown on UK TV.

On the back of that success there has been two brilliant #Danish productions. The #political #drama entitled Borgen and the crime drama, The Bridge. The former has just completed its third series on BBC4 and had huge audience figures. The latter is currently halfway through its second series on the same channel, again to record viewing figures.

Prior to this, and also shown on #BBC TV was the jewel in the crown, The Killing, a Danish production which raised the bar for suspense, and plot building. The #British TV series, Broadchurch, tried to emulate the same sort of #suspense and atmosphere but really got itself lost in over-elaboration.

If you are looking for something different to view this winter, you would do worse than give these shows a chance.


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