Manage time, Enjoy Life!

When was the last time you had quality time with #friends and loved ones just because you wanted to, not because of some special occasion? When did you take some time to be alone with your spouse, talking about anything and nothing just like old times? If that question has you scratching your head then perhaps it’s time to take action!

Nowadays, we seem to be living a life rich in goals and desires, but are poor on #feelings and affection. We have difficulty separating work from our private lives, seemingly unable to disconnect from the stresses of work.

We must take advantage of our time, and work better and smarter but not longer, dedicating free time to what makes us and our family #happy. Don't waste time with minor issues.

Why not begin the week by sitting down and consulting your agenda. Define work and free time. Think ahead about what you have to do and especially the time you have to do it. If you fail, unless it's something very important, carry on with your daily plan, and adjust it if necessary in the days that follow, always balancing work with free time.

Sometimes, we aim too high and want too much too soon, when the simple pleasures of life may be more rewarding and easier to achieve than you might think. Remember, #happiness starts with you.


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