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Politically Correct Emojis

It is thought that Emojis which are used to 'ease' communication (although they can actually be difficult to understand if misused), apparently don't display enough cultural differences and skin tones.

According to the 9to5mac website, Apple will be the first company to address this 'issue' by releasing an #emoji collection of some 300 new #images which will have different skin tones and same-sex parenting. The new software created by the Unicode Consortium follows the Fitzpatrick Scale, a skin classification system developed by Thomas Fitzpatrick and a recognised tool for dermatological research into the colour of skin.

I admit I never imagined myself as an emoji nor wanted it to represent anything but my words. Wasn't this the reason why emojis were created in the first place? As handy symbols that spare us the effort of writing long sentences- nothing more, nothing less. Political correctness sometimes needs to be superseded by plain common sense!

Regardless of our skin colour, a good old smiley does the job. Let's use our time and effort to do something that really matters, instead of solving racial problems where they don't exist or listening to ignorance that only deserves our indifference.


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