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Christmas in November

This week feels like it has gone incredibly fast. It only feels like yesterday that we were watching the #fireworks from our balcony and commenting on how lucky we are to be able to enjoy so many “free” displays. In the last few days (as the odd left over firework exploded in the sky) my thoughts turned towards Christmas.

I recently asked via an online profile page, “When is it too early to put up #decorations?” The comments flooded in including: “Before mid-November is definitely too early!”, “Day after #thanksgiving”…

But the first day in December did seem the most popular by far, as many people shared the same thought.

With the constant reminder from nearly every #shop I visit that the Christmas #season is drawing near, we have taken this opportunity to add to our decoration collection and make parts of our home feel #festive. Some comment that we are mad, but last year whilst we spent the whole of December buying items, (nowhere near completing our collection) I didn’t feel that we got to enjoy it.

I don’t expect November to become a tradition for Christmas decorating… but this year, it just feels right.


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