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Do you want to see a film with me?

Going to the cinema alone is not something most enjoy doing... although sometimes it’s a consideration when the film is good, but our friends have already seen it.

Described as a Tinder for #cinephiles (which is just a way to grab everyone's attention) #Cinema Dating is a new web platform that connects two people, who want to see a film but can't find the company to do so.

It’s simple to use, you just create a personal profile (through email or Facebook account), choose the preferred film, day and time, and the platform will then present a list of people who share the same desire and can be reached through a private message.

Although this platform was created in Israel and is limited in functionality to only a few countries at present, its founders want it to be used across the globe. They continue negotiating with more cinemas because they want it to be used everywhere at its full capacity.

In a world where people seem to care more about their #virtual life than their real one, it is nice to see a new project trying to connect people through something they wish to do.


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