Collaborating on Business Writing | Alice Keeler

In #business we oftentimes need to collaborate with people both inside and outside of our organization. In particular when #cultures and languages differ, working together on a piece of business writing can be a challenge. Using #technology such as #Google documents to collaborate can ease some of the challenges of working together on a piece of writing.

To access Google documents you both need a Google account. This can be a Gmail, Google #Apps for Business or simply connecting current email (such as an exchange account to Google. Going to and signing in with the Google account gives you access to a #cloud based productivity suite that would be better described as a collaboration suite.

When collaborating on a text document you may be hesitant to change the words of the person you are working with. Google offers suggestion mode. Any edits one person makes on the document are shown as suggestions that the other person can approve or not approve. By default Google text documents are in “Editing” mode. This means that any edits either person makes changes the document. On the right side of the toolbar is an option to switch from “Editing” mode to “Suggesting” mode. The edits made to a piece of writing are color coded and are accompanied by an approval checkmark. If the edits are approved they become part of the document, otherwise the edits are removed.

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