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The days are getting darker earlier, the skies are greyer, and the rain seems to dominate most of the days. One way to divert your mind this October from this dulling weather, is by visiting the British Museum which is hosting an exciting new exhibition, inspired by the east: how the Islamic world influenced western art. This #exhibition explores how western artists have long been inspired by the Islamic world, and features ceramics, photography, glass, jewellery and clothing. You’ll discover how the representation of the east in western arts, known as Orientalism, reached its height during the 19th century. This event starts on the 10th of October and will feature artists such as Eugene Delacroix, John Frederick Lewis and Frederick Arthur Bridgman.

With space travel becoming more advanced every year, life on #Mars could be a possible reality in a few decades time. Moving to Mars is an exhibition hosted at the #Design Museum from the 16th of October and envisages the three phases of life on Mars. Firstly, it’s an eight-month journey to Mars and this exhibition examines everything from the spaceships we need to get there to the places people will live in. Every detail from the food we would eat to the tools we use is thought through using a mixture of factual science and design fiction. You’ll be able to take part in an immersive installation which will give you an idea of what the surface of Mars will be like. If you could move to Mars, what would you pack for your new life?

The Affordable Art Fair has become a well-loved institution on London’s art scene and this year it’s being held at Battersea Evolution from the 17th – 20th of October. This event strips away the pretension of the art world and gives buyers a chance to pick up some really great work at fair prices, covering everything from paintings, prints, photography and sculptures, all ranging from £100 to £6,000. You don’t need a deep pocket to be able to pick up a fantastic piece of #art to add to your own personal collection! This art fair is accessible to both connoisseurs and the merely curious and is a guaranteed fun day out.


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