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Tax the Robots

The upcoming robotic revolution has been raising questions about the future of human-employment, and how Social Security will deal with the loss in revenue.

According to Bill Gates, the solution is to tax the robots just like human-workers are taxed today. If robots (companies employing them) had to pay taxes, the number of robots replacing human-workers would certainly slow down and also provide valuable time for the government to adjust Social Security and educational programmes.

Bill Gates also suggests an additional tax on the direct profits obtained through the reduction of employees, in order to provide additional funding to the Social Security and other (new?) government programmes made to protect human-workers.

"People should understand the #robotic #revolution and welcome it, instead of fearing it. When they fear something, they won't be ready for the positive things that come because of it" Bill Gates.

According to the #technology entrepreneur Elon Musk, a universal basic income should be studied and implemented as an answer to the global loss of jobs due to robots.

I personally think this revolution will still take some time to arrive, but unlike other revolutions it shouldn't take anyone by surprise. The various solutions brought up by today's geniuses and entrepreneurs must be studied by governments, in order that we all welcome robots to our workplaces, and cooperate with them in the #future.

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