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Will Lamp Posts Charge Vehicles in the Future?

#BMW is not only thinking about this but has already put it into practice!

In the future many of us will be driving #electric cars since fossil fuel is becoming #extinct (pardon the pun), which means that having enough places to charge them will be an issue. BMW thinks that a clever way to solve this future everyday problem will be to turn street lamps into charging stations!

With the catchy name 'Light and Charge' this BMW project is already under way at BMW Headquarters in #Munich, where two #LED street lamps are equipped with sockets that quickly charge electric vehicles, like BMW i3 and i8. The next step will be to expand this #project to the rest of the city and demonstrate the convenience and feasibility of it.

According to BMW, these new charging stations will be compatible with all #electric vehicles, disregarding make and model.

If this BMW project becomes ubiquitous, I'm pretty sure electric vehicles will be much more successful than they are right now, as drivers will stop worrying about whether the place they want to go has a quick charging socket for their electric car (just like nobody worries anymore about the number and location of petrol stations).

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