A Woman Less Travelled

I spent this weekend happily listening to one of my beloved and well #travelled friends. There doesn’t seem to be a stone on this #earth he hasn’t upturned, and any conversation can seamlessly shift into an anecdote about some distant land. In comparison, I’m something of an anchor. I haven’t had half as much experience of the #world and I often find myself desperately searching for an appropriate response to the parry and thrust of his worldly #tales.

You see I’m not worldly. I haven’t even seen #Scotland yet, but I think I have a good excuse. Aside from my frequent excursions to #France, I’ve #camped every summer in the #Lake District and it never gets old. It’s not the exotic #Thailand or the mystic #Egypt, the weather is often a duck’s paradise and all the locals love wearing fleece just a little too much, but that aside I can honestly say I’m besotted with it. It’s not just the beauty, which is beyond measure, it’s the knowledge of the people it has inspired before me; the #writers who fascinate me, #poets and #painters. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see the rest of the world, it’s just I’m already in love with what’s on my doorstep.

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