The Hardest Words

I have recently grasped the answer to an age old question: What is the hardest thing to write? As a writer I have dabbled with most forms of writing, bad teenage poetry, academic essays and nowadays novel creation which is something of a love hate relationship. Still, none of it comes anywhere close to the tears and tantrums which ensue when you come to write your CV. Now I know what you’re thinking, how hard can it be? You simply regurgitate your past experiences and qualifications in a semi presentable manner and voila, you have a CV.

Of course it’s never as easy as that, when tasked with impressing someone via one side of A4 your choices are endless. Layout for instance, something modern to make you standout or do you play it safe with black and white? What about your profile, how do you sum yourself up in five sentences? How do you put across that you are A) a hard worker who won’t leave you high and dry, whilst B) try not to sound like a walking job searching cliché? CV writing is an art form and one I cannot seem to fully appreciate and please, don’t get me started on covering letters.

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