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Thanks Mum!

When we told our family that we were expecting our second child, the estimated due date was marked in their diaries and the year’s schedule was arranged around it, putting a hold on #holidays, and making sure no extra commitments were taken on later in the year.

My mother-in-law booked her #flights from #Canada to come out just before the arrival, to stay for a month or two after the birth to help out.

It is amazing how fast the time goes, as her visit is now coming to an end and we’re making some plans for the trip south to the #airport, ensuring she returns home as hassle free as possible.

When I mentioned to my friends we were having my mother-in-law stay, the comments were usually “good luck” or something on those lines. But we have been very lucky indeed! We have had help with the baby, along with being spoilt; in her professional career she worked in the food industry owning her own #restaurants and food businesses.

Needless to say we will miss her #cooking, but most of all the help about the house and with the baby was much appreciated too. Thanks Mum!

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