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Fleeing France

#France is seeing an increase in the number of young people #emigrating #overseas. Surely, its rising #unemployment rate plays a part?

It’s not just young #professionals that flee for #work – ironically enough, even the most unqualified aim abroad in order to find basic jobs, from #waiters in #restaurants to #office secretaries. Whilst #employment is already strained, the #financial crisis diffusing and deepening itself across Europe does nothing to help the situation, or boost the spirits of young people. #Le Figaro recently revealed that 75% of the #French people questioned were apprehensive regarding the latest exile in their country. Many fear a collapse similar to that in Spain, where there was a shocking 40% unemployment for #graduates recorded in 2012.

However, for young French #professionals, the end is not nigh as the #economic growth in #Asia has seen a burst of new job opportunities. In fact, around 120 000 French #immigrants are said to work in the #Asia-Oceanic zone. These ties have enabled #international #business development, as well as offering a whole new dynamic in terms of #cultural barriers.

Nevertheless, there is no guaranteed job security abroad - research from the #Centre of Study and Qualifications Research (Centre d’études et de recherches sur les qualifications, CEREQ) connotes that university graduates are still more inclined to stay in France, despite the economic crisis. Only time will tell whether or not French graduates take the permanent jump abroad…


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