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Black Friday and the Vulture Culture

Where do you go to grab a bargain?

People en masse never fail to surprise me. Psychologists have pointed out for years that the way we behave as a group, compared to our actions when alone are vastly different. The broad term for this is the ‘mob effect’ and it is this which we have seen during our recently acquired Black Friday period.

The chances of an individual shoving an old women aside to reach a #bargain when they’re alone for example is low, of course there’ll always be a percentage who won’t adhere to this, but by and large we are far more aware of #boundaries, be it #social or otherwise when we are alone. When amongst a group however, we tend to morph from socially aware individuals to children, egged on by each other and comforted by the fact that we are hidden amongst the larger group.

Black Friday turned some #shoppers into vultures, spurred on by the chance of a bargain and the anonymity provided by being amongst a group.

You would be wrong to assume that the people who became embroiled in these farces were just teenagers or ‘bad’ people. The reality is most of them are like you and me, the difference is we were wise enough to stay at home this weekend.


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