Long live the Summer!

Just when we thought that #summer wasn't making an appearance this year… it arrived in full force and fashionably late. Instead of the momentary crack in the clouds, that the #British Public sometimes call the summer we've been treated to so much sun that some days it hardly feels like the UK.

#Barbecues and paddling pools are coming out and people are squirting of the sun cream. Yes there's been the some of the usual kerfuffle branding it a heatwave; other countries simply call it a summer. And there's been -as always- a few ridiculous news stories associated with the heat. For example Councils complaining about their workers wearing flip flops in work. Nick Clegg revealed he takes his shoes off sometimes when in the office so I don't see what all the fuss is about.

On top of the good weather we have a future king in our midst. King George shall one day ascend to the throne. If there isn't a petition to make his birthday a public Bank #holiday then there probably will be one popping up on Facebook soon.

We'd best go out and enjoy the weather because you can bet as soon as people start moaning it’s too hot the gorgeous weather will be gone. Enjoy!


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