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Places you should see in Rome

What could be a better place to soak up #history, culture and of course, delicious food than Rome?

They say that when you visit Rome, you’ll already be planning your next trip and if you throw a coin in the Fotana de #Trevi, this will guarantee it!

Yes it is a tourist’s paradise, but who could blame them? But don’t let that put you off, the swarm of tourism that #Rome receives is a reason why nearly all of the main tourist #attractions offer facilities in a variety of #languages. However, if you know a little Italian do not be afraid to use it; even if you’re not fluent the locals will appreciate the effort!

Rome is so laden with tourists around peak season, so try not to fall into tourist traps, aka super expensive and not so great quality restaurants outside of big tourist attractions like the Pantheon or the Trevi fountain. Be brave and do a little exploring of your own, some of the best places to eat (also a lot cheaper) are found off the beaten track. Regardless, you’ll find the time you get to spend in this glorious #city is never enough.

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