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Five Famous Dogs in History

#History is coloured by many stories of loyalty, stardom and #heroics of our animal best friend, as these five incredible dogs show us.

1. Lassie

Perhaps the most famous dog on #TV, the original #Lassie was a Rough Collie called Pal. Since 1943 until 2007, there have been ten generations of Pal’s direct descendants that have portrayed this famous #character.

2. Lex

Lex was the first active-duty #military dog that was granted retirement after his handler was killed in action in Iraq. The war #veteran dog went to the family of the deceased solider and until his death worked as a therapy dog. He was awarded the Purple Heart in 2008.

3. Capitan

A touching story of an incredibly loyal German Shepherd called Capitan. Following the death of his owner, Capitan visited his grave every day for six years.

4. Machiko

Machiko, an Akita, used to meet his #Japanese owner at the Shibuya Station in #Tokyo at the end of each day. When his owner died and did not met Machiko at the station one day, the loyal dog continued to return to the station every day for nine years.

5. Laika

Laika was a stray dog from #Moscow and was the first animal to orbit the #earth, being the sole occupant of Sputnik 2.


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