Taking to the Streets

As the summer is in full swing, and we’re into the month of August, the most exciting event on the calendar is the world famous #NottingHillCarnival. Live music, great food and a jolly crowd letting their hair down is certainly worth seeing; that is if you are the type that does not get claustrophobic with many people around you. Just get to Notting Hill Gate Station on the Tube, and the #Carnival will find you.

To discover #urban #culture and #art, #Shoreditch would be my personal favourite. The streets themselves are filled with the most mind-blowing, ingenious and talented pieces I’ve ever seen, and the true connoisseurs of street art offer guided #tours all around the area. They depart from Old Street Station at 11am on a Saturday and Sunday and cost £15. Don’t forget to stop for a break in a cafeteria called the Bookclub, on 100 Leonard Street, to get a real feel of the area.

Looking for something more relaxing? Take time for a leisurely stroll in St James’ Park. Conveniently placed right between #Buckingham Palace and #Westminster Abbey, it is a tourist’s paradise, so if you want to greet some visitors to the Capital (and hungry swans), St James’ should be your pick.


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