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You can change!

Should we behave like who we believe we are? How does the way we think affect our personality? What if we are wrong?! Especially when we don't like something although we have never tried it, or we dislike someone even though we haven't made the effort to know him/her.

The idea that each individual and every personality is unique is obvious but can be misleading at the same time. It suggests that people will never change because they are who they are! However, the worst part is when the individual himself believes that he will never change: "Oh, I was always bad at math!"; "I could never play an instrument"; "I have always been shy and uncomfortable in a large group of people".

It really is time to ask: "Did you ever study math and make the effort to understand it?"; "Have you ever tried a different instrument, one which may be easier to play?"; Have you ever been in a group of friends talking, sharing ideas and thoughts without realising it?"

The fixed mentality is a concept developed by Carol Dweck (a researcher at Stanford University, California) and supports the idea that people are born with a given personality, intelligence and behaviour, and they will never change because they are incapable. The biggest issue of this concept is that it suggests that it doesn't really matter what we do, we can't change. Therefore, if we make a mistake, we will make it forever (which means we will never learn from mistakes). It doesn't matter how hard you study or practice something, you will never be good at it. If we truly believe this, then our lives can only be worse than how they are now because you won't take a chance, as it might go wrong. Is it really the best option to do nothing, to stay still and accept our fate? Of course not.

Various scientific studies clearly demonstrate that every individual is not a static. We can always learn, know and do better! Every one of us has the ability to improve. Our brain is powerful enough to change for the better not just when we are growing up but even when we are much older and supposedly wiser. New neurones and neural patterns can be created by the brain. It is never too late to learn!

If you stop thinking that you are who you are and start believing that you can change and be better, it will make your life easier and you can definitely reach your goals, whatever they are.

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