Commuter Culture

Are you a commuter?

There’s a woman next to me who is jingling. I look across the aisle at her and notice she has 2 large silver balls attached to her #backpack zip. Why would you do this in #rush #hour? She has wiry hair and a wiry body and as I watch she pulls numerous pre buttered #hot #cross #buns from her #bag and eats them.

It’s 6.30 am.

“Just come get me!” The #teen next to me has called almost everyone in her #phone #book and has now hit upon her mother. I wonder if she actually lives that far from the #station or whether she’s just being a #drama #queen. She has a top knot and a #leather #jacket on and is being awful to her mother.

It’s 5.30 pm.

Every day she carries an #umbrella regardless of the #weather. She turns up at exactly the same time sometimes meaning it is just the two of us in the #station. She is tall and in her fifties with very elegant #spectacles. I often wonder where she is going with her straight backed assurance. She is quiet, peaceful and polite.

She is my favourite.

It’s 6.07 am.


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