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Would you share your Car with other Drivers?

Renting a vehicle is something that some of us are used to doing and the renting market is booming all over the world as a result of this. But have you ever thought about sharing your own vehicle when you don't need it? That is exactly what differentiates a company called Turo from a standard vehicle hire company; One could say it is the 'Airbnb' of personal vehicles!

Having a vehicle in the garage just waiting to be used is not an economically sound decision and digital platforms such as Turo can really make a difference to the family's budget. According to its CEO Andre Haddad, more than 350 thousand vehicles are registered on their platform, and a customer can easily find anything they wish to drive from small #city vehicles to #supercars!

On average, the owner of a vehicle registered on Turo gains thousands of euros per month and to get this decent amount of cash he or she only needs to share the vehicle once or twice per month! Values vary according to the car itself and for how long it is shared. An owner willing to register his Mercedes on Turo can expect to gain on average 700€ and only needs to share it for 10 days each month.

"When Turo started, it was considered a threat to the auto industry because it could (in theory) limit their sales. However, they now see us as partners as many of our registered owners are also car enthusiasts who end up spending the money they get from us on new and more #exciting cars for themselves!", points out Haddad.

Would you share your vehicle with others?

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