10 Weird Museums of the World

Some well-traveled people might think that there is nothing left in the world that can #surprise them. This list proves that there are still some museums left, that will astonish or amaze in a way never thought possible:

Bata Shoe Museum (Toronto, Canada) - 13 thousand pieces, explaining the #evolution of shoes to date.

Museum of Brands and #Advertising, (London, England) - a huge collection of original boxes of the most famous products in the world - highly recommended for those who study or appreciate #marketing.

Glore Psychiatric Museum (Missouri, United States of America) - founded by George Glore, a crude and uncensored collection that shows in (too much) detail the #history of mental treatment.

El Museo de Las Momias (Guanajuato, #Mexico) - mummies, mummies everywhere! Mostly standing upright! One has to be comfortable around mummies to properly enjoy the visit.

Hair Museum (Missouri, United States of America) - a whole museum dedicated to hair locks and extensions that belonged to celebrities and unknown people (because why not?).

Museum of Death (Hollywood, United States of #America) - extensive collection of death related items, which manages to spook the faint-hearted and amaze #daredevils.

Sewing Machine Museum (#London, England) - dedicated to sewing machines (you guessed correctly!) this museum can explain and show you everything you ever wanted to know about these useful machines.

Siriraj Medical Museum (Bangkok, #Thailand) - some might call it a competitor to the Museum of Death, as some of its centre pieces are several types of organs that were infected by worms...

National Mustard Museum (Wisconsin, United States of America) - mustard fanatics rejoice! With close to six thousand mustard varieties from all over the world; even those who don't particularly like #mustard should manage to find one to their liking.

The Museum of Bad Art (Massachusetts, United States of America) - celebrates the art that is "too bad to be ignored". The home of #art pieces that are misunderstood by everyone except the #artist who made them...

Next time you are in an 'I have seen everything type of mood', why don't you visit one of these museums, and prepare to be surprised while learning something new.


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