Knowing When It Is the Right Time to Move

Millions of people around the world do what they must to survive, to fight another day and to feed their family. They are true unsung heroes, who will never be the centre of #movies or songs but when we come across their stories, whether personally or through a #documentary of some sorts, and appreciate how much of their focus is on what really matters, we cannot believe how small our daily problems are, and how fortunate we are to have the life we have right now, even if it is a 'difficult' one by Western standards.

However, there is in all of us an inner sense of ambition. We know what we want... Until we get it and then we want something else! We are never truly satisfied with our daily life, our work and, of course, our salary. Some say #ambition drives us forward, I say too much of it can make us deeply unsatisfied, and eventually turn us into a grumpy old person...

Achieving the right balance of ambition and happiness due to what we have accomplished so far should be a life's goal for all of us. Our inner strength is much better used towards our work's quality i.e., never deliver a subpar work for whatever reason; do our best to fulfil deadlines or explain in advance why we are unable to do so; treat our colleagues and clients with the utmost #respect; and when we are no longer happy doing what we do every day, and we have an opportunity to be happier elsewhere, we should find not only the courage to take that step, but also the humility to explain to everyone why we are doing it.

What makes us different from machines is that we pursue happiness, and the quality of our work depends immensely on us being happy. As Confucious said many centuries ago, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." It is really up to us finding it.


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