A Smart Suitcase That Will Never Be Lost!

Losing a suitcase is a 21st century issue. Whether we are travelling during the holidays or due to #professional reasons, losing the suitcase means that we will have to make do with whatever we chose to wear that morning, and buy everything else we need. For some people it is only a minor nuisance, for many others a hole in the wallet and such a bad experience can ultimately ruin the whole trip.

It seems that in the future this 'nuisance' can be avoided altogether! NUA #Robotics is creating a #clever hands-free suitcase, which despite being still in the early stages of #development can reach the market in just one year.

The smart suitcase will be controlled by a smartphone's app, and will run smoothly alongside its owner in airports and hotels. In order to be truly hands-free, the smart suitcase uses proximity sensors to avoid bumping into obstacles and other people.

An anti-theft alarm; a tracking tool to find the suitcase's GPS location every time; and an intern weighing scale that warns when its weight is above the weight requirements are just some of the clever features that this 21st century #smart suitcase will have.

Can this be the first step towards having a robotic assistant following you everywhere? Would you buy one?

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