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Get Lost in Europe

Where would you like to lose yourself?

After spending the past few weeks voyaging from #Germany to #Italy and back again, there is something wholly unique about crossing country borders without having to fly across seas and beyond. Over the course of the trip I caught #German, #Swiss and #Italian trains and yes, there was a difference between all of them. The German efficiency and order did leave a lot be desired from the chaos of Italian transportation and stations!

However, the trip went beyond railway tracks. Starting in #Constance with the famous Lake #Bodensee, the #university town is a large attraction during the spring to summer months and it’s easy to see why. The lake is very much the focal point for both tourists and natives, who flock to the waters for a swim, stroll or seat along the shore.

The next stops were #Turin and #Milan in Italy, with a pit stop in #Zurich, #Switzerland. Turin’s wide streets, large parks and tranquil river banks render the city unlike any other one in Italy. Whilst the likes of #Rome, #Florence and #Venice are stereotypically ‘prettier’ and ‘arty’, they are also dirtier and cramped. Turin is a perfect starting point to escape the chaos of everyday Italian life. As for Milan, a local aptly described it as “not the most beautiful city in #Italy but the most practical”. Quite La-Di-Da, Milan gets full points for both elegance and eccentrics. Make it a day trip.

Once the initial cultural shocks were surpassed and left on the safe #Swiss borders, it is both a surreal, exhilarating and enchanting experience to be able to access #Europe so freely and easily. Don’t become limited to one destination or one culture – exploration is the key.

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