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Globalised way of Living; a Trend or a Menace?

#Technology is bringing us closer by tearing down walls, connecting distant people in a matter of seconds, and helping us become aware of existing cultural and behavioural differences. This is in essence a great thing that ultimately helps to propagate #peace and tolerance between people.

However, when everyone uses an iPhone to call; reads the #news on Flipboard; shares on Instagram where he has been and what he ate; tweets his thoughts away; uses #Facebook to arrange friendly meetings at the local McDonald's or Nando's and while he waits uses the iPad to constantly check #Amazon or eBay for something new to buy; sees if Netflix has something new to watch later, and tries to point out one more mistake on Adele's "Hello" music video (I could go on)... the question is, the fact that this imaginary scenario can be perfectly valid in the #USA, #Europe and Dubai is a good thing?

When I visit a country I like to know more about it, its history and regional aspects that make the country worth visiting. I find it somewhat #embarrassing when someone arriving from a different country rejoices at the foreign shopping centres, just because they managed to find the local sold-out sweater they wanted, and McDonald's menu and prices were identical... Is this what we really want? To visit a distant city and celebrate the fact that it is very similar to one of our neighbouring cities?

Let's take advantage of what #globalisation can offer us while always embracing and protecting our own culture, history and language. Otherwise, the world will slowly become a huge globalised and tedious village. Don't you think so?


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