Teaching English Abroad

April 8, 2019

Ever thought about a working holiday?


On average, paid #holiday entitlement is 28 days which isn’t very long.  It would be nice to be able to head off on holiday as and when we felt like it which is rarely possible, unless, we choose to work abroad.


Most popular #overseas work is teaching #English as a #foreign #language. This is great for someone looking to #travel, earn some money or someone who has dreams to start a language #school. There are #placements ranging from 1–12 months in a vast range of #countries. #Asia, #Europe and parts of #Africa are among the most ravenous places for English #teachers. So wherever you have your heart set on going, there will be a #job for you.


Requirement also vary, some #placements only require that you are a #native-speaker of English, while others require that you have a #CELTA #qualification or #Trinity #certificate, and some, in addition to a certificate, require a #degree in a relevant subject.  This is usually based on who your #clients are. You may be a teacher of 30 adults in an #academic institution, 10 children in summer school or a #tutor to individuals in their homes.


Get trained, get teaching and get #travelling!


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