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Use technology with an old school mindset

A vintage turntable and a dozen vinyl records can probably offer you more than a computer with access to every song in the world! Why, you may ask?

Because those who prefer to use a turntable choose carefully which artist they will listen to. The album usually matches the time of day, their current mood, and helps to energise them. They rarely skip songs, as they enjoy listening to its sequence like the artist intended.

On the other hand, those who always listen to music through a portable device have immediate access to a wider selection of songs, but they don't usually own entire albums; don't notice that their skip button is almost broken because it is constantly being pressed; and while listening to a song, they don't enjoy it as they are already thinking about which song or artist they wish to listen to next. At the end of the day, they probably can't say for sure which songs or artists they have been listening to...

The exact same thing happens with photos. The smartphone camera is now the preferred device to record special moments, and with storage being so cheap to buy, one can record as many 'special' moments as one wants. The problem is that most of these pictures are just seen once (immediately after they were taken) and then completely forgotten in a backup storage device. Why? Because nobody prints pictures anymore.

What about the children? They have grown up in a technological world where immediacy is always expected and craved for. They really need to be taught by their parents that patience is a virtue, and that their special photos belong to a traditional photo album, which they will treasure in the future. They also need to learn that reading the news takes more effort than skimming through the headlines... And those quotes on social media that they they enjoy to copy and paste? They lose in beauty and soul to a proper novel.

We live in a fast pace world but we would appreciate life more if we just slowed down whenever we can.

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