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Way to God

How do you view London?

London is a #spiritual place that has long since been divided between cultures, nations and creeds into equal patches.

Take North London for example. Large Jewish communities have always favoured the North. This is where you see people live out their culture and their way to God – Jewish families that you can’t miss, Jewish shops that you can’t help but wander into. You can’t tell a #Christian when you look at one, but you can tell a #Jewish person of the North just by their customs and dress.

As soon as you move South say #Brixton, you can hardly believe that it is still the same town of London. Strong Rastafari vibes, #reggae music pumped out of establishments, African (“Promised Land”) national colours in clothing, shops and street art… Rasta’s are gathering at the sides of the roads playing music and ‘chilling’. What you wanted to see about the Caribbean spiritual side can be viewed in front of your eyes.

The same can be said about other areas of #London. They’re all so culturally different and spirited, depending on the residing community. Everybody is looking for their way to God, that’s what you can say about Londoners for sure. Even when you don’t think about it, just the life here makes you wonder who has it right.


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