YouTube's New Ally against Conspiracy Theories

"Conspiracy theory" videos are not uncommon on YouTube, and any YouTube user can easily come across them without having to search for them.

In an effort to help YouTube users to know more about the #phenomenon presented on such videos, there will be visible links to Wikipedia articles and #news related to them. Susan Wojcicki (YouTube's CEO) calls these links 'informative clues' that every user should click on in order to get unbiased and relevant information about what was being discussed in the #video.

According to The Verge website, the new links are YouTube's answer to the criticism that it not only hold’s too much extremist content but its own algorithm was also actively recommending it.

Despite Wikipedia not being regarded as an infallible source, it is thought to be better than just presenting the content without any added information. YouTube is also considering adding more information sources to the controversial videos it hosts sometime in the near future.

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