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Is #Hollywood out of fashion? Statistics show that #audiences are turning away from the typical silver #screen showings and seeking out smaller budget films and theatre productions. Audiences seem to be more content with the #intelligent, #beautiful words of playwrights such as Shakespeare, on stage than the high tech films film industries now produce. The reign of Hollywood could be threatened with the rise of the ‘Bollywood’ and now ‘Nollywood’ (Nigerian) film making industries. The most #dramatic difference between the two is the money spent on making the films; the average amount of money spent on a ‘Nollywood’ film is approximately $20,000 whereas it costs Hollywood on average $1.5 million. However, many claim that movies not borne from Hollywood are poorly crafted and cannot compete with the high standards American film and even #TV set for the world.

What is important, though, is the boom that film making industries other than Hollywood have experienced. As one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, one shouldn’t judge a movie by its budget. Many foreign #films are brilliantly made and have excellent plot lines, despite not using an excessive budget and celebrity actors. Some of these examples are ‘City of God’, ‘The Untouchables’, ‘The Chorus’, and many Pedro Almodovar films. Another reason to learn some other languages and check these movies out (though they all come with English subtitles), also have a look at the emotional and brilliant story of ‘Half a Yellow Sun’ a Nigerian movie based on the book by Adichie.


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