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Takata Airbags - Check Yours ASAP!

Takata (one of the biggest manufacturers of airbags) has acknowledged that many of its #airbags are faulty and can be dangerous to everyone inside the car! This worrying information made the headlines when it was first released quite a few months ago; what is more alarming is that your brand new vehicle can have one or more of these #faulty airbags!

Car manufacturers continue to use faulty airbags that will need to be replaced with newer ones sometime in the future. Why? There aren't enough airbags (made after the faulty issue was known) to address everyday needs of car manufacturers, meaning that installing faulty airbags trumped the wiser decision to stop the #production line...

What can you do to know if your car airbags are safe? Check your vehicle and ‘Takata airbags’ online. You’ll find there are a number of websites dedicated to this issue. I would check more than one website to get the information. If you can't find anything about your specific vehicle or you don't trust the websites you have visited, contact your car manufacturer. From my experience they will be fairly quick answering your query, and will typically ask details about your car such as the Vehicle's Identification Number (VIN) and/or number plate.

If you have bought the car brand new and your local car dealership is a good one, you should have had this information during the purchase of the vehicle, and you should know when they will replace the faulty airbags. Second-hand cars are something to worry about, because previous owners might not know or divulge this information.

Most car manufacturers were affected by this issue, so it doesn't really matter the brand you have chosen to buy as Takata's airbags were a pretty #popular choice among car manufacturers...

This #information can save lives so please share it with family and friends, who might know nothing about it.

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