A job to satisfy

How are your DIY skills?

The other day my son managed to make a fairly large dent in the wall by hitting a torch hard against the plaster right on a corner as he ran by to see who was at the door.

My initial thought was of despair as I looked at the damage and flakes of plaster on the floor. When I saw my son’s face as he realised what had happened I shrugged my shoulders and made sure he was okay.

Later that day I mixed some polyfilla I had purchased in anticipation of such an #event. I got my scraper and started to fix the hole. It then dawned on me that I had mixed more paste than I needed so I ventured about the house filling cracks, pops and dings.

Once it had dried I got the sandpaper and rubbed down the areas I filled, removed the dust and painted the areas. No one would notice there was an issue, (even if I do say so myself, I did a good job!) The house had a freshen-up, which I would not have bothered to do otherwise.

So a #job that was at first #annoying, turned out to be a job that taught me a new skill. It also helped that the house looked better. It is fairly hard to describe the #satisfaction I feel every time I now walk onto the landing.


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