Hotel Reviews - Truth or Prejudice?

#Travelling is everyone's favourite pastime nowadays, and with the help of hotel reviews we can avoid the 'mistakes' others have done, and know where we should go instead; at least, that was the initial idea...

#TripAdvisor and other similar websites can be a hotel's best friend or its worst enemy. #Marketing and competitive pricing can't do much when guests start to publicly reviewing the hotel as "filthy”, “rotten” or even “stinky!"

Although in society we tend to value the opinions of some and disregard those of others that we don't feel particularly connected to, or that don't appear to be in the right state of mind; when we read opinions online, we tend to believe all of them. "If it is written, then it must be true" is a thought that may come from reading the news in trusted newspapers but it isn't applicable today, especially in the online world.

Unfortunately, the majority of those that write reviews are not used to speak to millions of people, and don't understand the negative effects that their bad review can have on the future of the #hotel, and the consequent loss of jobs!

#Publishing a review about something shouldn't be taken lightly or sarcastically, and instead we should use this powerful tool as a way of helping other #travellers like us, and give all the honest information we would like to know before checking in, without any sort of prejudice.

Hotel managers should be aware of their guests' reviews, evaluate the truthfulness of their opinions, respond accordingly, and publish what they have done about it, using the same channels that their guests used. This way, travellers know that the hotel's management listens to their guests, and acts when something or someone is not up to standard.

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