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What does home mean to you?

It’s the place I think about when I’ve got nowhere to go, when it’s just me and foreign streets which literally have no name to me. I also find myself looking for it everywhere I move to, you know trying to find a sense of familiarity in streets and fields but never really getting it. To most people I know home means something; it’s a solid place where they can visit and get given #comfort, a bona-fide bricks and mortar building, where the mortar is made up of #memories and #love.

For me home is #geography.

Does this mean less? I find my comfort in areas many would shun and I see a lot more of places others may write off. A supermarket in #Paris or #Rochdale can bring a sense of solace. I just mingle with the evening shoppers coming home from work and try to blend in. I’ll find a landmark and visit it regularly no matter how I’m feeling so that I have a place to go when times are good or bad.

And for the last year I find myself without a #geographical home. I am at a loss for anywhere to go when times are bad.

It’s a shame too because I really need that cup of tea.


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