Still Childless and Unmarried

Every day there is news that we should pay more attention to. An example of such news is that of a young woman who decided to end her life because she was reaching her thirties still childless and unmarried.

Unfortunately, I think that her decision may be more common than we may realise. She should become a symbol of how strict parameters of a 'perfect life' only do us harm. Setting strict goals too soon in life, and entering a depressive state because we didn't fulfil them when we supposedly should is a clear recipe for disaster...

But what is a perfect life? If we asked a number of our #friends about what they think a perfect life is, probably the answers will have few things in common. Some will definitely mention a luxurious house and a car, others add a wife that is a #supermodel, while better informed people want educated children and a model of a wife!

The definition of perfect is only clear in a dictionary. Life makes us change, and as we get older and wiser our personal goals evolve too. The notion that there is a right time to do something should be eliminated from our minds as it only restrains us. At thirty years old we are much too young to be depressed about something we didn't yet fulfil. Life expectancy is longer than ever before so #antiquated notions about the right time for something don't make sense at all.

In an #ideal world, our goal would be to embrace life as it happens, when it happens, without worrying if something still hasn't happened. We would know how to live with ourselves and those around us (shortcomings and all), and we would always have a good laugh while trying to take advantage of every opportunity to have a good time.

The good news is that this ideal world only depends on us to become a reality.


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