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Have you ever wondered how an advert is able to draw you in?

Believe it or not, in order to #sell a #product, often #words are not needed at all. Many #multinational #companies use the same #advert to sell the same products in different parts of the #world. Yes, whilst this is primarily for #budgeting reasons, we often fail to realise the way in which the #media, and #advertising, can transcend barriers where we as individuals fail.

Different #nations often have different #mass #markets. However, it is this time of year where #international #corporations gather round in the race to reach largest #profit and #turnover #margins. It’s easy to get lured in by the #media; however, responses to these #adverts vary according to accessibility to other resources. For example, a #Londoner is more likely to #research the best #deals on products and check their reviews, whereas someone in a remote #village #location sometimes relies on these media outlets in their local vicinity in order to consume.

It’s essential to realise the influence the media has in #cross-communication. An #image can speak a thousand words, yet how this image is interpreted according to different #societies is something that remains a point of debate amongst #linguists and #sociologists alike. Ideally enough, these types of media allow us the chance to expand our realms of #communication and linguistics for a wider range of benefits.

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