Burberry Leading by Example

The renowned luxury brand Burberry confirmed that it will stop using animal skin, and additionally abandon the common practice of burning accessories and items from the previous year's collection which were not sold.

The next Spring/ Summer #collection will not include any animal skin, and the items that were already made and use animal skin will be gradually taken out from the market. According to an official Burberry statement, there were some products which were reused, donated or #recycled, but from now on there will be a visible effort to make this type of action a routine.

According to Burberry's annual report, every item from the 2017 collection which was not sold was subsequently destroyed, a collection of items with a market value of 28.6 million pounds! The decision to destroy the items was supported by the idea that they would be stolen or end up on the market anyway, at a much lower price.

The new way of approaching old collection items has come up at the same time as Burberry announced their new Creative Director, Mr. Riccardo Tisci. Is it possible that we can thank the change in leadership for this new approach? I just hope that other brands (luxury or otherwise) follow this action and stop wastefully destroying quality items just because they are from the previous year year.


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