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A Job to Satisfy

Our #kitchen walls were #painted white, and it was time for either a #re-paint or some tiles. We stopped at the tile store and picked up 3 boxes of green #ceramic tiles, a tub of paste/grout and some of the required #tools.

I then set to work.

Starting from the bottom up everything was going nicely until I had to cut a few tiles to go around the cupboard edge. I got my pencil and marked where it needed to be cut and off to the garage I went.

I took my #hacksaw, which barely made a mark, and then took my large #wood #saw and managed to get the job done with that. It took ages and both my arms ached, one from supporting and the other from #sawing.

As the job progressed more and more #tiles needed cutting so I borrowed a tile saw and purchased a #heavy-duty tile cutter for the straight edges. Needless to say the job suddenly became a lot easier and looked more #professional.

It took a day and a half to finish the #tiling and all that is needed is a polish. Sometimes it works to improvise and make do with what you have, but at other times having the right tools and “Know-how” really makes life a lot easier; not to mention that the overall result may go from being acceptable to outstanding.


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