Big Brother is watching you?!

United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, is spying everyone! Question is, should we really care or not?

It's safe to assume that no matter how good or how powerful the spying computer is, it's all down to key words and phrases. According to the news, it can read everything but just as our email inboxes are full of spam, so must be its infinite data. Besides, some of my emails can be so dull that I almost mind reading them, let alone a government agency.

The truth to the matter is that if one lives a good honest life, no matter how big Big Brother is, one has nothing to fear. It's a nuisance indeed, and I truly hope President Obama keeps his word on imposing limits to its spying power and capability but if in the end it saves lives from terrorism, I guess it's a price we should be all willing to pay.

The same discomfort happens with security cameras. We don't particularly like them but we all thank for them when they catch criminals, or prevent an innocent person to be blamed. There are pros and cons, heated debates will surely continue but if democracy prevails and there are limits to such technologies that stop the abuse of its power, they will continue to be a nuisance as security cameras are but will eventually become part of everyday life. We may as well feel safer because of it.


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